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April 3, 2018

Hot Stuff! Planorama named in 2018 POI Vendor Panorama!

Written by Cécile Garrett

Again in 2018, Planorama has made it to the POI Vendor Panorama for Retail and Monitoring in Consumer Goods. Saying we are proud to be cited… wait for it… 7 times would be a lie. We are ecstatic!

If you’re wondering why we make such a big deal out of it, let us tell you more about POI and their annual Vendor Panorama.

The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) helps a large community of players from the retail and CPG industries identify opportunities to optimize promotion and ultimately influence sales. How? By bringing a diverse group of retailers, consumer goods companies and academic leaders to the same table. POI recognizes that diversity is a powerful evolution driver. That’s why it promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration on topics such as industry trends, challenges, and best practices by facilitating exchanges and meets between its members.


A brief review of POI Vendor Panorama for Retail and Monitoring in Consumer Goods

As the leading reference for trade marketing and merchandising executives, POI regularly reviews the industry’s top software and consulting vendors to provide valuable insights on the latest solutions and trends they believe can positively influence the promotion cycle. Part of that results in the publication of the annual POI Vendor Panorama for Retail and Monitoring in Consumer Goods, a study that highlights the best retail execution solutions to look out for in order to help automate processes and drive sales growth. This year’s Vendor Panorama evaluates 23 solutions from 21 vendors. It assesses vendors both on a company and product level.

Being mentioned in the POI Vendor Panorama is big, so we couldn’t be more excited to be the only image recognition solution acknowledged as technology partner by 1/3 of the vendors reviewed. We are extremely proud to be contributing to their success and would therefore like to give a big shout out to AFS Technologies, the POP Company, Asseco Business Solutions, Comrach, Spring Mobile Solutions, Zaptic, and of course, our sister company Kantar Consulting!


POI reveals Planorama contributes to “Taking the Perfect Store to a new level”

poi-vendor-panorama-planorama-3According to POI, the image recognition solution provided by Planorama contributes to “Taking the Perfect Store to a new level”. For instance, our sister company Kantar Consulting fully embarks our image recognition solution into their Sales Performance Platform, which offers CPGs advanced capabilities to automate key commercial processes and drive transformational programs within a single environment. POI recognizes the “Deep industry expertise of the Kantar family of solutions/services”. As a member of this family, Planorama is praised by POI for its “image recognition capabilities to capture [the Perfect Store]”. Indeed, assessing the Perfect Store using Planorama’s enhanced digital measurement technology enables CPGs to:

  • Empower sales reps and third parties with a user-friendly solution
  • Deliver “better shelf level insights”
  • Drive global field teams’ activities (from delivering better in-store execution to reaching sales targets)

Using an advanced artificial intelligence technique, namely deep learning, Planorama’s image recognition technology helps CPGs gain powerful market insights with 98% accuracy, the best rate in the market.

That means Planorama’s image recognition capabilities impact both in-store execution and sales growth by:

  • Supporting Retail Activity Optimization (RAO), also called dynamic business planning, which POI describes as a “new frontier of being able to use POS data to drive where to go, what to do, and in what sequence to derive the greatest return on resources.”
  • Reinforcing guided-selling by enabling field forces to act upon KPI results directly at points of sales (POS) minutes after taking shelf pictures, another powerful feature described by POI.

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