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October 12, 2016

MCA and Planorama announce a partnership for North-america

Written by Othilie Nicod

Jean Daniel Bouchard, President & COO of MCA and Vincent Jacques, Founder & President of Planorama are excited to announce their strategic partnership in North America. The strategic partnership leads to the creation of RealOgram, a highly innovative image recognition solution by MCA, powered by Planorama.

RealOgram is a powerful image recognition solution, powered by Planorama’s innovative technology and executed by MCA’s professional representatives, which enables retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods Companies to quickly and accurately conduct in-store retail measurement and real-time reporting by simply taking pictures from a smartphone or a tablet.

“Empowering our people and our customers with best in class technology has always been top of mind for MCA. With RealOgram in the hands of thousands of people covering over 800 cities, MCA delivers innovative and accurate vital key performance indicators such as share of shelves, out of stocks and planogram compliance, within minutes, by simply taking pictures of the shelf. More importantly, MCA can take immediate corrective actions while in stores” – Jean Daniel Bouchard, President and COO – MCA

“We had been looking for the right partner to power up RealOgram and found that Planorama came forward with an innovative approach and an open mind, the perfect strategic partner for MCA” – Steve Kindree CEO and Marsha Clark COB – Owners and Founders of MCA

“We have been looking for the right company in Canada, one with an outstanding reputation for quality, producing client results and having a tremendous national footprint. We found it in MCA the perfect Retail Services Experts for Planorama” – Vincent Jacques, Founder & President of Planorama

About MCA (Merchandising Consultants Associates)
Established in 1989, MCA is Canada's leading 3rd party retail services provider. MCA delivers innovative, high-quality sales, merchandising, data collection and auditing services to retailers, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies and manufacturers. MCA provides unparalleled coverage in all Canadian provinces and territories by combining well-trained employees and best-in-class technology.

About Planorama
Established in 2009, Planorama provides solutions to manufacturers and retailers allowing them to save time and increase productivity through its proprietary technology that in near real-time transforms images captured in-store into usable commercial and marketing data. Today Planorama is the recognized leader in supplying in-store image recognition services and products to leading global retail brands worldwide.

Contact: For more information on RealOgram by MCA (Powered by Planorama), please contact MCA at 905-850-5544 or email us at wewantgreatresults@mca.ca.

You can also visit our websites at www.mca.ca and www.planorama.com


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