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February 23, 2018

Introducing our new Chief Innovation Officer: Frédéric Jahard

Written by Ayoub Khammari

I am extremely pleased to announce that Frédéric Jahard has joined Planoramas leadership team as Chief Innovation Officer.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Planoramas DNA. To drive it forward and deliver best-in-class solutions,  we have decided to create a dedicated department (separate from Engineering), at the forefront of Tech, while creating tangible impact for our clients.

Frédéric will lead both our Research and Product Management teams. Under his leadership, we will significantly grow our research team by hiring more data scientists and computer vision experts, to prepare the next generation of Image Recognition solutions for Retail. From the product management perspective, he will be in charge of building best-in-class capabilities and ensure excellent communication about our solutions roadmap with our clients and partners.

While Image Recognition and Artificial intelligence may sound like new technologies to many, Frédéric is a Veteran already with over 2 decades of experience in innovation and product management in this space.

Frédéric first made his marks at LTU technologies, a true pioneer in the Image Recognition space, where, over 15 years, he took on various roles from Product Manager to CTO and then CEO.

Prior to joining Planorama, he was VP Engineering Image at Brandwatch, a leader in the social media monitoring market. He designed from A to Z and supervised the development of "Image Insights", a solution that analyses millions of Twitter and Instagram images every day looking for brands, products, and objects for their 1,500 clients. Frédéric has got a deep background in the battlefields of AI-powered solutions, to say the least! 

Please join me in welcoming Frédéric to our leadership team. Together with Frédéric, his team and all the Planorama community, we are looking forward to delighting our customers with impactful innovation, starting this year. Stay tuned!


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