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June 30, 2017

How Planorama and Primer Impacto are changing the game for manufacturers

Written by Othilie Nicod

Here at Planorama, we're always on the lookout for opportunities to make new connections within the global community. As such, we're so excited to announce a new partnership with Spain-based Primer Impacto — one that will take field marketing to the next level.

What is Primer Impacto?

Primer Impacto is a leading company in field marketing operations in Spain and Portugal. Managing the point of sale is a key opportunity for manufacturers, so getting it right makes all the difference to revenues.

Primer Impacto helps manufacturers truly optimize what’s possible here, honing their efforts in many ways. This includes POS material installation, audits, sales representatives, trainers, external commercial networks, commercial commandos, commercial animation, and mystery shoppers.

The company has been growing for 12 years, which isn't surprising. It values innovation and a maverick approach to expanding influence, making this new partnership with Planorama a natural fit. The partnership will enhance Primer Impacto's operations thanks to Planorama's approach with cutting-edge tech that's easy to use.

Look for Primer Impacto to leverage our relationship to benefit some of its prestigious clients in channels like modern food, pharmacy, and perfumery.

How will Planorama help?

We've developed technology that extracts valuable information about the shelf simply by analyzing a picture of the shelf. This information includes out-of-stock status, on-shelf availability, share of assortment, share of shelf, planogram compliance, price checks, and other retail KPIs. Now that we've integrated with Primer Impacto's application, sales reps won't have to leave their application to take pictures and get the results. Everything will be done within their application, with images sent to our cloud and processed by our algorithms in a system that remains completely transparent for sales teams.

Yves Le Guern, commercial director of Primer Impacto, called this partnership a smart bet on innovation. By automating and applying best-in-breed machine learning technology to POS analysis, Planorama will allow reps to gather more data than ever before — all while saving time and increasing reliability.

In fact, all of that POS information will funnel into Primer Impacto's business intelligence system to be shown on a convenient dashboard. This will give users access to a real-time, dynamic display of their main KPIs.

This partnership will bring together Primer Impacto's field operational excellence with Planorama's best-in-breed image recognition technology for store checks to help manufacturers increase their efficiency and boost their sales. We are delighted to join forces with Primer Impacto to expand our footprint in Spain and Portugal.

Since 2009, we've been analyzing millions of photos for more than 6,000 daily users, but we're still excited to build partnerships like these and to bring our cutting-edge technology to more customers, more countries, more cities, and more stores.

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