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Cécile Garrett

Cécile Garrett is Growth Marketer at Planorama where she writes about the role of advanced technologies in helping FMCG companies shape the future of retail.
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How to build a perfect store in retail: 5 steps to drive sales growth

Written by Cécile Garrett

Shoppers either walk into a store with the intention of buying something specific or just stroll around to pass the time and maybe find a nice opportunity -whether it’s food, games, furniture, etc....

How We Powered our Portal for Retail Execution Analytics

Written by Cécile Garrett

In the retail world, data is king. As Forbes note in an article addressing five growth strategies Consumer Goods (CG) companies can use today, “Gone are the days of making a decision based on a gut...

How We Took Our Image Recognition App for Field Reps to the Next Level

Written by Cécile Garrett

When implementing a Retail Execution Excellence program, Consumer Goods manufacturers often face two main challenges internally:   Empowering teams with new tools to achieve higher results...

Image Recognition for Retail | Planorama in The FW500

Written by Cécile Garrett

Great news on the Plano-planet! We’re proud to be selected among the top 500 French Tech companies for the second year in a row. And we’re even prouder to announce that our ranking’s gone up since...

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Store Checks | Image Recognition for CPG Firms

Written by Cécile Garrett

Do you still doubt the relevance of Image Recognition for Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) companies? We know that it is an intriguing yet mysterious technology for still 69% of CPG firms as they...

3 Smartly Simple Must-Haves to Build Great Planograms For Retail Stores

Written by Cécile Garrett

What makes a best-in-class space planning software? While category management practices are changing fast, technologies must also adapt to CPG firms’ new ways of working. We asked our clients what...

Why You'd Better Use Retail Execution and Image Recognition All in One

Written by Cécile Garrett

What do top growth leaders in the Fast-Moving Goods industry have in common? As digitalization disrupts the retail landscape by transforming consumption and purchasing habits, some Consumer-Packaged...

Category Management Shifts | How to Become Retailers’ Preferred Partner

Written by Cécile Garrett

Digitalization has landed in the retail world. Big data places shoppers at the heart of retailers’ strategies, driving promotions and trends. That means CPG firms must offer retailers a new level of...

3 Reasons For Lost Sales (and How to Strike Back with Image Recognition)

Written by Cécile Garrett

Lost sales are a thorn in the flesh of Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. At Planorama, we help our CPG clients outpace competition at the shelf by leveraging advanced technologies such as deep...